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Downstream Hwy D


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I fly-fished the upper James for about 3 hours this morning. Water was fairly dirty, and fishing started off reeeeeaaaaal slow with top water (gurggler). I finally put on a bluegill bug just to catch something. Once catching something got old I tied on one of my imitation Circus Peanuts in Chartreuse (thanks Brian). I was having a hell of a time trying to fling that thing around on my 5 wt, and the sun never really peaked through the clouds to warm me up, so I was about to call it a day. Just when I was thinking about trying some top water again, I felt my streamer get stuck on a log about 6 feet in front of me. Much to my surprise the log started swimming, and I started getting excited!

Turns out it was my biggest bass, a smallie, measuring my rod later it turned out to be 14.5 inches and FAT.

Having caught a second wind I decided to keep heading downstream, shivering the whole time. I caught a couple good size rock bass and another panfish before almost stepping on a snapping turtle. I then decided to walk the bank, but almost stepped on a snake. That meant my day was done.

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Awesome on the personal record. And remember......it's not paranoia if those critters really are out to get you!

"Thanks to Mother Mercy, Thanks to Brother Wine, Another night is over and we're walking down the line" - David Mallett

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