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Hardy Fly Rods

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I dont know much about the hardy rods and was wondering if any of you guys good give me some info or reviews about them. I have been a orvis guy know that the access, Helios is pretty much orvis top of the line so been looking at these rods and would like some info. are they a top of the line equipment like sage or orvis or are they ok kind of like tfo. thanks

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I agree with Brian! For the $$$$ a great rod. We have a dealership with Hardy and their customer service is good also.

Take a Child Fishing they are the future of the sport.

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I agree with Flier. Looked at both hardy and sage. Went with sage one #5. it was down to opinion. Not sure what weight you're looking for but check out Yellowstoneangler.com , they have great info on different weight shootouts. Price, color, how it casts in a parking lot,name brand etc., don't matter as much as how it handles to your liking and on the water. Just an opinion

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