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Does anyone know of any spots where I can catch a fish on lake on the ozarks I have a boat but have never been to this lake and am taking my son fishing and want him to enjoy fishing as much as I do so any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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Lake of the Ozarks is full of fish. I'm not sure where you plan on launching, but you can really catch them in any section of the lake. I'm not sure how old your son is, but if you're taking him for the first time, you may want to target something that provides quicker action than catfishing. I'd maybe try going after bluegill. Just fish worms and crickets under a float around docks and shoreline cover. If you're dead set on catfishing, here's what I do at Lake of the Ozarks...

My setup is a 7'0" MH Rod with a Round Baitcast Reel (Abu Garcia) and spooled with 30 lb braided line. I put a 1/4 to 1/2 oz egg sinker on the line then tie on a strong barrel swivel. To the other end of the swivel I tie a 2 foot leader of 15 lb Berkley Big Game line, and to the end of that a Circle or Kahle style hook.

For bait, if you can net shad out of the lake it's a great option, but this time of year it's a little more difficult. My other favorite option is green sunfish which are bountiful all over the lake. Tie on a small tube bait, tiny brush hog, or other small soft plastic and throw it around sea walls or shallow chunk rock. They'll hit like a machine gun. My favorite size sunfish are about 3 1/2" to 4". I'll usually cut the head and tail off and just thread the mid section onto my hook. I always run my hook under the spine so that it stays on the hook better

Find some areas where the water drops from 8-10 foot down to 15-20 foot and just throw the rig out. You can also do this along bluff type walls or the middle of coves. I usually just do this off my dock at night while enjoying a few drinks and a fire. You can set your rod in a holder and just watch for your line to go tight. Let the catfish run with the bait for a few seconds before setting the hook. We've caught some nice blues and channels on this setup...

post-830-0-52086600-1337097578_thumb.jpg post-830-0-70185000-1337097593_thumb.jpg

You could also try jugging which is a little bit more interactive, but I'm no expert on that. Others might be able to provide better suggestions for that.

Good luck and let us know how you do!



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