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Albert Who?


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Pujols: .195 BA 1 HR 11 RBI

Beltran .299 BA 12 HR 31 RBI

I'm sure Albert will get it together eventually, but he's struggling.

Cards front office is looking like a bunch of baseball Einsteins.

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And even though they didn't look It against the Braves, Cards = 1st place Angels= last place. Guess when you spend the big bucks for one aging player to try to beat a team like the Rangers in your division it doesn't always work out. Angels don't have a Holliday to protect Al.

-- Jim

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the really glaring thing isn't the lack of homeruns. it's his terrible batting average. The Cards have pitchers with better numbers than pooholes. He was falling apart his last season here and moveing to anaheim, where good players go to end their careers, ask bobby abreu and torii hunter how that move is working out for them (abreu isn't even in baseball anymore) btw pooholes' locker is between hunter and abreu... fitting isn't it?

Greed has a way of destroying people. Sad thing is, he's not making more money out there. Higher tax rates along with performance bases pay is making his move look really stupid, and his numbers support that observation.

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