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Bass Fishing On 5/14


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Put in at Ruark Bluff around 7:30 this morning and fished for about 8 hours. Ended up catching roughly 20 bass today, 3 keepers with one going over 5 lbs! A mixed bag was used today; spinnerbaits, jigs, small crankbait, and shakey head. Looks like the lake has dropped about a foot but you can still find bass in the buck-brush. The big bass came on a channel swing bank in about 12' of water on the green jig. The biggest number of fish came on the shakey head on main lake channel swing points.

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Yesterday, I got on the water at 0540hrs and caught the first bass at 0544hrs... Fished till 1100hrs but, didn't have a strike after 0845hrs... caught 21 bass, one catfish, and one walleye..

caught the catfish and walleye on a small crankbait - 2 bass on a plastic crawdad, 2 bass on a jerkbait and 17bass on "DA-SPOOK" !!!!!!!!

After the sun hit the water I worked the shade until it was gone and so was the bite... 16 of the bass were 15-17" and all are still swiming in stockton.....

"Look up OPTIMIST in the dictionary - there is a picture of a fishing boat being launched"

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Hi Guys!!,

Fished on the 12th and I say the fish are definitely settling in for the summer. Caught them on Rebel Popper, Brush Hogs, Plastic Worms, Bandit Crankbaits, and of course Jigs with trailers. Fish were from 2 feet to 20 feet deep. By far did the best on Green sunfish colored Jigs with Paca Chunk in Magic Craw color. Added some Crawfish'um for taste. Literally caught 17 or 18 out of the same brush pile. Stopped fishing around noon and they were still biting but much slower. Don't know how many I caught but a WHOLE BUNCH!!!!!! No big fish but several keeper size. Reely ( pun intended) had a great morning fishing.

I will try again tomorrow. Try to stay away from the tournament guys as well!!!

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