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I Am So Sorry


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Yep, sorry that I didnt get this posted sooner. Man we hit the jackpot friday night at cedar ridge. Decided to try the night fishing gig. Took my son in law with me. Started fishing about 7:30 and was really disappointed. Thought it was going to be a real early night. We could not hardly buy a bite for 3 hours. Put the lights in at dusk. One green submersialble and one white floating. Then about 10:30 the action started, not real fast but at least it was action. Was fishing over a brush pile in 21fow using minnows and jigs. Most fish were caught about 12 ft deep. As the time went by the action got busier. A lot of nice crappie. We only had three shorts all night. By midnight the white bass came in hard. Son in law had to go to one rod and could barely get it in the water before a white snatched his minnow. But he did manage to catch a good number. I caught more crappie under the white light and my minnow was not bothered by the whites but I did catch a lot of both on jigs. We finally quit at 1:30am with 28 crappie and 20 white bass and 1 eye. Also had 2 short eyes. And of course I had to clean all the fish by my self sat. morning. Was busy with mothers day activities the rest of the weekend or I would have gotten this on here sooner. The only bad part of this kind of success for me is that I have to wait a whole week before I can go again. Good luck everyone.

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