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UHMW coatings

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Back during the summer BleedingShiner posted info. re/ UHMW - a polymer coating that can be applied to the hulls 0f aluminun boats. I have a 1752 Xterminator with a 50/35 E-Tech jet and I am interested in adding some hull protection for situations like the Northfork tailwaters. Does anyone know who,what or where I can get info. on this product? HELP? Thanks.

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Jet Fisher,

Here is a link to a boat manufacture that I know is using it. I am not sure if there are any in our area that are using it though.


You might also check with Kevin Turner, I know that he is familiar with the UMHW but don't know if he applies it.


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last wknd on the Eleven Pt saw a guy pulling his boat out REAL fast at Whitten after he had just ripped a tear at the hull / transom seam in the back of his boat.

Wonder if a spray on or brush on truck bedliner would give similar protection.

I floated my old alum rowboat down from Riverton to 142 this wknd with just a trolling motor (no jet) and had to drag over 1 or 2 riffles. Would have been nice to have a nonstick coating....

May also be good on the bottom of an old aluminum canoe to keep it from biting into the rocks and make quieter.


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