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Just A Constant 1 Unit... Or Thereabouts...

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So far as I can tell.. from fishing the last 5 days straight... they are running 1 unit or thereabouts.. sometimes they are pulling the yo-yo trick.. up and down.. up and down.. but yesterday and today they started into some more generation, perhaps as much as a full 2 units.

This is all just my opinion.. over the last few days...

Fishing has been kinda off for most up there... I had a great Monday.. a decent Tuesday but Wednesday was awful.. but today was really good. I caught like 40 or more fish in 2 hours below outlet three in the flats fishing the dark water to the other bank. Even opened a few hooks up on a few fish... too light of tippet and hook... given the current, which is very fast and still somthing new.....this one unit thing is kinda fun...

Saw some big spawning fish on beds Tue and Wed -- but they seem to be chasing around a bunch of suckers off thier own spawning beds... the upper end is chock full of suckers right now.

Still.. decent fishing if you fish where the fish are... but dry fly fishing has been absent the last week for me altogether.... just havent found the right spot yet I guess. (did manage a few fish on beetles at #1)

Warmer air temps might mean higher water to come.. but a cool weekend might put that all on hold.

No telling.

Fridays schedule looks very strange to me... when did they ever pinpoint 92 as a MW load ?

Just once I wish a trout would wink at me!


I'm the guy wearing the same Simms longbilled hat for 10 years now.

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