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Proposed Constitutional Amendment To Lower Excise Tax


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This initiative, sponsored by a group called Sportsmen2010 would lower the excise tax from 1/8 of a percent to 1/14 of a percent. BUT it will remove the AGFC from the agencies receiving a portion of the revenue from it. In other words AGFC funding will get slashed. Sneaky move to name themselves Sportsmen2010. I will not sign a petition for this, and if the initiative makes it to the ballot, I will vote "NO".

You may feel differently about this, but don't let the name "Sportsmen2010" fool you into thinking this is a pro-sportsmen initiative - it is most definitely NOT.

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Totally agree guys.

Being a MO resident who fishes a lot in AR and OK, I have a great respect and appreciation for the fisheries programs in all 3 states.

MO also has a 1/8th % tax for the MO Dept of Conservation which has allowed countless land purchases for public access and enjoyment.

There have been numerous attempted raids on that $$ over the years, ALL of which have been defeated with the help of the collective voices of MO sportsmen and outdoorsmen.

MO has a citizen organization called the Conservation Federation of MO that totals 80 clubs with over 80,000 members that provide a broad collective voice in our state.

I hope you have such a collective voice to help fight this raid attempt on AGFC funds.

I urge you to join together to "fight the good fight" for this and future generations in your state.

Bill Butts

Springfield MO

"So many fish, so little time"

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Here here!! Thanks for posting!

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