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May 17-19 Report


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Mostly Friday, May 18 with a couple hours Thursday evening, and about 4 hours Saturday. In all around 65 fish from Fall Creek to Monkey Island with most being caught around Cooper Creek, and the Monkey Island area. I used 3/32 oz PJ's Jigs in sculpin/ olive, ginger, and 1/8 oz Zig Jigs in black/olive. Very few "silver bullets" with most fish in the 12-15 inch range. Very fat, and strong fighters. No monsters, but about 8 in the 15 to 18 inch range. Most were caught on Friday in the deeper drop offs when the water was slower, and more on the shallow shoals when the current was stronger. Several times they would shut off like someone flipped a switch, but a change in jig color would get them interested again. After the generation was brought up Friday afternoon I stayed with the lighter ginger color thinking that the darker colors would just look like more of the moss that was kicked up with the stronger flow. It worked fine, but later as the moss cleared up, and the strikes slowed I switched back to sculpin/olive an started getting more fish.

Saturday was a little tougher with a great deal more fishing pressure, and lots of competition for my "spots". Add to that a trolling motor that quit making it harder to keep my boat where I needed it to stay in the wind, I called it early.

I did see a lot of bait fishermen catching fish, but most I noticed were small.

Thanks Phil, and everybody at Lilley's Landing for another great trip to Taneycomo.

Real men go propless!

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