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I've been following for awhile, first post. I've fished Stockton a couple times with not much luck. We bought a lake house near Bona and plan on fishing lots more. When you guys talk about Cedar Ridge, is it a Cove or what exactly. I see it marked on lake map but not sure where to fish. Going down this weekend and would love to get into the crappie and bass. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks

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i wouldnt try anything this weekend but if thats the only chance u get then its a go.

hey scottykc this coming Thursday the 24 some us of guys are planning a meet and greet at State park u are more than welcome to come i will be there around 330 or 4ish its so we can put faces with names and boats.

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right across the lake from Cedar is the Masters campground. Good fishing around that island. Their is also some old foundations over there that might have a few

walleyes...... or jet skiers

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