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Bill Babler

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Great report TKT, looks like you all had yourself's a whale of a night :D

Three guide boats went out of anunts creek today with Bill Beck leading the charge, with Buster and I in tow.

Fantastic day on the rock with tons of keepers and lots and lots of quality fish, coming from water in the 26 to 35 ft. range, with 31 being the best bet.

The afternoon bite was way better for me than the morning, with just enough wind and clouds to make it great.

We had 28 fish with 9 keepers up to about 3 3/4lbs. with all the keepers coming after noon. Bill and Buster did about the exact same numbers with several fish near the 4 lb. mark. About 30 keepers for the three guide boats.

Most of the fish came on dropshot with a few on crawlers. I switched my folks afternoon to the dropshot cause I ran out of crawlers, and we did far better on the plastic as far as size and numbers. Wish I had, had them on it all day.

Still can't catch very many on one spot, I have to keep moving. The first 15 minutes on a new spot is best. Found the long points to be better than the midlake stuff today.

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WE did catch about 30 of these fish up the James. Didn't go very far past Campers Point. or point 12.

Guys, you should be able to see these fish on your graph. They are on most every point, the scerete is getting them to bite. WE usually only spend 15 minutes per location, even if they bite as after a couple of fish, they just will either leave or sit there and not bite.

I am starting in 25 ft. and working my way out to about 50. Fish are on the bottom at the 25 to 31 ft. range and suspended as the water gets deeper on the same long flat gravel points.

Let them go quickly, and if possible don't take them out of the water for even a photo, as their swim bladder will blow up in a heartbeat, as they are staying deep. WE had one yesterday that after 1 photo, it couldn't get back down and had to be needke deflated. Thank goodness it was ok as it was a 3.12 K that was beautiful. Good Luck.

I have a morning trip on taney and then an afternoon on the rock, hope it will be as good as yesterday.

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