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Fishing Report Upper River

Sam Potter

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The upper Current River is running very clear and just about normal, maybe a little low for this time of year. If you are fishing early in the morning the Tiny Olives are the predominant bug in the air, with some Tricos and small, #20-18, brown caddis flies mixed in. The Tiny Olives are going to be about a size 28-26 in light olive. and the Tricos are about a size 28-30. You can fish a couple of hook sizes up from the actual bug, if you make your imitation sparingly on the hook. Some of the fish that have been hooked and released a few times, may be a little more picky and actually look for the exact size and color. Fish that have not been hooked or not fished to very much will be less wary and take a larger presentation, and maybe one that isn't actually close to the real bug. Finding the right location to fish is very important, because these bugs do not hatch everywhere. If you are fishing over deep water with a sandy bottom, you may not see them at all. During the afternoons, a hopper or stimulator with a dropper is proving to be an affective way to take them. A good report, from a reliable source, turned in early this week, was using this set up and caught some nice browns with it. Hoppers are still around and the fish will definitely take a large easy meal if it is presented correctly. You can't go wrong with a caddis emerger, or caddis larva as the dropper. The upper Current River has Caddis of all colors and sizes. If you are attentive to the bugs around you on the stream right now, you will notice a very large Caddis coming off every now and then in the afternoons that is a size 6-8. If you are fishing in the evening look for a brown/yellow caddis in size 12.

This time of the year brings brilliant colors to the river, so take your camera for those fish you catch and make sure you take some pictures of the colors around you.

"A bad day fishing is still a Great Day"


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