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Drop Shot Fishing


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Well I have been lurking here for a few days/weeks and I have some questions about the method drop shot fishing. I used to fish Tablerock alot about 15 years or more ago and then the Texas rig worm fishing was the thing. But due to work and a few other things fishing became a once or twice occurance a year.

The Ranger boat sat in the drive way more than it should...Ok now that I am getting close to retiring I am getting time on my side to indulge again.

I have attempted to use the drop shot method and had a problem of of course not getting bit but my line wanted to twist alot. I tied the #1 hook about 12-18 inches up the line then ran the line back through the eye to get the hook to set at approx 90 degrees to the line. Tied a 1/4 oz weight which had a swival eye on it. Tried several different colors of a 4 inch worm hooked through one end. What do I need to change if anything to use this method of fishing.

Back in the Bass Club fishing days we was always in the know on any new methods that came along.

Thanks for any help provided

Harold Kistner

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Tie a small (#8 or #10) high quality barrel swivel about 15" above your hook. Swivel on the weight won't do anything to reduce twist.


"A True Fisherman with a Rod in His hand, and a Tug on the Line, would not Trade His Position for the Throne of Any King"

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