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Shallow Fish...ned Rigging, Deep Fish Mixed


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Have been down since last Sunday, but have been too busy playing with the kids to post a report.

Fishing a mix of shallow and deep. Catching numbers and decent keepers on the Ned Rig on gravel "smallmouth " places, from the bank out to about 20 feet. Have been experimenting with some 1/8oz heads. Those are working better than I expected. Aldo fishing them in and around brush more then usual. PBJ zinkerz or zero are working, also watermelon.

Pulling a tube outside those same places is producing a few better keepers. Mix of brown and black ones. 20-25 feet on those fish.

Deep fish have been on drop shot from 25 out to 40 or so. Catching better size other ways, and kids are not super patient about waiting to get lined up on them.

Pretty decent trip. Kids are catching some numbers and keepers. Took a day trip yo watch Ranger build boats. Not bad at all.

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