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What A Day......ugh

matt dean

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went to roark bluff saturday , took my buddy's 16" jon with a little 10hp johnson. well we're cruising along and all the sudden wham!!!! a dead stop !! we slammed the bottom. He shut her down , and we kinda looked at each other like did that really just happen?? lol . well we use the paddles to push ourselves a little deeper , pull the motor up checked the pin .... lucked out "of course we had extras." so he goes to give it a pull and snap!!! the rope snaps !! darn it!! I cant believe this is happening, so needless to say i spent the next hour pulling the spool off standing in knee deep water in the middle of the lake! every time we started the boat we had to wrap the rope "this thing aint a one pull and were off rig" . we finally get to the bluff. tie off to some brush and proceed to salvage whats left of our trip. I instantly land a keeper 12 inch. Before i even get the fish off hes got a nice 15 inch crappie in the boat !!! hehe. well ....... that was it all day long... I tossed every single jig i had in my box .It was rough.

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