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Pomme 6-17


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Don't fish this lake much. My son and I fished from 7-4 Saturday and only caught 3 keepers, nothing big on jigs. Am I missing something or has the bass fishing slowed recently?

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I fished a tournament down there last weekend (6/10) and it was pretty tough. We caught about 20 but really had to work at. Didn't have anything of any size. We fished dirty water in both the Pomme and Lindley. Didn't find any fish very shallow and the bites were scattered. Everyone in the tourney struggled - did have one nice 3.5 pounder caught on a bluff end.

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My wife and I fished the Pomme side today (6/18) from about 8am - 3pm and really struggled to get a decent bass bite going. I caught one short and she ended up with 3 bass....all keepers...with her last one about 2:30 being about a 16 inch 2+ pounder. It was very windy today, so didn't get to run like we wanted to and fished mainly the bluffs down from the Hermitage State Park public beach. She fished a plastic worm or lizard all day...while i threw a fluke, a spinnerbait, a football jig, a Carolina rig, and drop shot...lol. Guess I should have kept it simple stupid...lol

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