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Well Keeping The Boat

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Ok went got my 18 foot Boat got it going.Got a 12 foot Wide Bottom Jon I was going to sell.

My wife said why not keep the little Boat to get in Small places where I can't get in with the Big Boat? Ah I think I can get in with the Big Boat.

Well a Neighbor stopped by showed him my Big Boat.Oh it's too Big to use down here on the river.Showed him my little Boat,told him I was thinking of selling it.Oh you won't get anything out of it and it's right size for down here on the river.

Well go back in talk to my wife about selling the Little Boat.Well you price it for this.No I won't get it,it's not worth that.

Go back out.Go back in talk with her.Ok I'm keeping both Boats! Sounds Good to me.


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