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Like Some Nube, I Went On The Lake At Mid Day


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Last night I was a guest chef for the local doctor and his wife. I did not get home until after 9:00 -> late for me. While I was gone, our house guest for a week arrived. This morning I was happy to host her and make oatmeal and coffee. I was free to fish at 11:00.

I began at 11 by leadcore trolling a spinnerbait through a prime walleye flat with brush and timber. The method is "new" in the last year or two and seemed appropriate for a low water/fish deep situation. All I did was lose 20 yards of leadcore and a 1 ounce spinnerbait.

I reloaded with one of my nightcrawler harnesses and fished the same area. I know - fishing a harness in brush or timber is foolish. I lost three of my rigs in two hours. I also caught a tail pinch keeper and lost a much larger fish at the boat.

I was off the water at 3:30.

Bottom line - I caught a barely legal walleye in 4.5 hours. Reality - I had a great time and I think it was a good trip

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Walleye tourney guys in Nebraska and the Dakotas have been catching big eyes running big spinnerbaits through deep trees on leadcore. I think that's the motivation for rps' experiment. I fooled with running a 3/4-oz. KVD spinnerbait on leadcore down at Bull Shoals last fall when piles of fish were stacked at 30-40 feet on the edges of flats. No takers for me either, but it's always worth a try.

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Chuck Etheredge, my walleye mentor, says after noon is always better.

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