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Thinking About The Elk This Weekend


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I'm thinking about doing a float/camp on the Elk this weekend. I hear the smallies are great right now and I've been wanting to give it a try. I've never floated it before, so any advice would be great. How are water levels currently? Any areas you'd recommend? I'll be coming from Fayetteville, the waters are all LOW around here.

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Trust me, there low around here too!

"you can always beat the keeper, but you can never beat the post"

There are only three things in life that are certain : death, taxes, and the wind blowing at Capps Creek!

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These guys are pulling your leg. Picture Bourbon street during Mardi Gras only instead of a road it's a river. That's what Elk River is like this time of year on a weekend. Not so bad during the week, but the weekend is best left to the Greeks unless you have interest in giving/gaining plastic beads. It's not bad at night or at dawn or if you want to try to go below Noel somewhere.

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