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Fellows, And Lake Springfield

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post-12765-0-01588500-1340418457_thumb.jpost-12765-0-08405100-1340418506_thumb.jpost-12765-0-83791200-1340418555_thumb.jWent to Fellows yesterday, and had success with top water plugs. Overcast skies, and cooler temps helped aswell. Tryed Lake Springfieldpost-12765-0-34325900-1340418634_thumb.jpost-12765-0-47501600-1340418691_thumb.jpost-12765-0-45672600-1340418743_thumb.jpost-12765-0-63439200-1340418799_thumb.j today, and wore them out on spinnerbaits around the railroad bluff. Moved back into the river and had more fun with a KVD 1.5, and Bandit 300. Followed the channel from the train bridge to the split. Here's some pics
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Thats whats up! Nice catch!

"Let me fish or else"

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I dont think it really matters. I start around 7 or 8 and fish till it gets to hot, but the bites come at all hours. Wish we could put boats in at night thats when the real fun begins.

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