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First time on Taneycomo


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Hello All,

Well my brother-in-law is in town and we are heading to Taneycomo tomorrow to try our luck. We have never fished there before so I am looking for advice, ideas, and suggestions. We are going to rent a boat from Lilleys' Landing and go from there.

We would love to do some trout fishing as we are both from Idaho and that is what we have grown up doing, but we would love to do some smallie fishing too. It has been way too long since we have been out and we are hoping that tomorrow will bring some great fishing our way.

If you would be willing to pass on some of your wisdom and techniques to two newbies to the lake we would greatly appreciate it. Where should we fish? What should we use? We have spinning rods and fly rods. Are there some good maps of places to go? I think you get the point, we are new and don't have a clue where to start on this lake.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Make it a Great Day!



P.S. Has anybody been out today fishing and have a current fishing report? Thanks.

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There are 3 brothers in a Ranger V-bottom bass boat fishing above Fall Creek- all fly fishing. They have done well so far this week, catching fish on scuds and midges, mostly scuds fished on the bottom. See Linc in the office for the right flies and talk to Rolan- he'll be the one running the trolling motor.

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