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I need some help from the experts....that's why I came here first. My problem is when I use a fly as an indicator, like a Big Ugly, with a dropper nymph, within about three minutes my tippet and leader are a twisted up mess. It doesn't matter if there is wind or not. I think it has something do with my cast but I can't figure it out for sure. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks all in advance.

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You need to have a heavier leader to the Big Ugly fly. Maybe a 2x 7.5ft leader...

The mono is being stretched.... bad thing too as it weakens everything in the system.

I say use 4X off the 2X leader... 6lb.. but a number of my friends use 3X 8lb.

Just once I wish a trout would wink at me!


I'm the guy wearing the same Simms longbilled hat for 10 years now.

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