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How Low Will She Go?

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No real spring rains and temps hitting 100 this early? You know they will pull water to meet electricity demands due to the fact we all like to stay cool. I need to get out to PC and see if I can recover some of my lost lures.lol

If we loose a foot a week I see it getting to 1110 by August then the real dry spell hits and Beaver Lake starts looking like a river.

I don't think it hurts the fishing, in fact getting the bait and fish together in one place helps IMO but we seem to loose a lot of old timber when it comes out of the water and have even seen water skiers out cutting tree tops down when they come out of the water.

So anyone want to start a pool? I see a new record for low water this year and some foul tasting drinking water in our future.

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1105 if the heat hits and the demand for electricity keep them generating. That would be on par with 06 right now its about a foot loss every 2 weeks and we are at 1116 right now so 20 weeks if current condition continue.

I already have seen a few people hit the old road bed at PC good for laughs not like you cant see the buoys or the dang thing. And i know a bunch of rocks that will be exposed soon.

But on the flip side Beaver Low = awesome duck hunting if you know where to go :)

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I can promise you this if it hits 1105 my little butt will be out with GPS and Camera.

Hopefully Google will do that for all of us, the Google Earth maps were down to that level for years, but you still can go back on them. I like the big rocks in war eagle, I just hope they do the fly over pics.

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I do think you will see this, the lake usually does not rise in the fall or winter and with August levels starting in June then 1092 is not out of the question. Once the water gets below 1110ft then the rest of the drop will be due to evaporation only but without rain in the mountains springs slow down too and that will show in lake levels dropping.

I am not sure what caused the drop in 1977 but I think we could be lower than that this year, this is the earliest I have seen Arkansas declare a state of emergency for state wide drought.

When it does drop just a warning if you drive out to the islands or on the old lake bed anywhere you will be fined....also picking up anything off the old lake bed like arrow heads is also illegal. I have been run off gathering lead weights before and thought I was doing a good deed removing lead from the lake bed.

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I'm not too worried about it honestly. We've been here 7 years, and the lake was super low the first 2-2.5 years or so. Huge docks in the PC cove on dry land, etc. Talking heads on the nightly news said it was global warming, it would take years to fill back up if it ever did, yada, yada. Then we had a wet late winter/spring that 3rd year and boom, filled back up in just a few weeks.

John B

08 Skeeter SL210, 225F Yamaha

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