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Truck In Mcdaniel Last Night

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Went to McDaniel last night around 9:00, and proceeded to catch some nice bass on the west end of the bridge. It was me and a couple of crappie fisherman. Than a couple of guys came down, and tried to put a bass buggy in the water. They got the boat in, and when the guy went to move his truck. He misjudged the sloped bank and put the truck in. I was closest to him. About 30 yards away. By the time i ran over to them the truck was already going under. Both guys got out OK, but the truck was fully submerged. From there the 2 men left, and never came back leaving there boat and gear. At that point someone called the cops to report it. When I woke up this morning I called my father inlaw who fishes there every morning, he said they had dragged the truck out. There was still oil, and gas on the water though. I'll admit i've always wanted to take a boat out on that lake, but the risk is to great.

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It's also illegal to use a boat on McDaniel. Or maybe it's just a motor?

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