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Greer To 142 Next Week, Few Questions


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Hey guys, I haven't been on the eleven point in 15 years. We always hit the current since we have a cabin on it. A buddy is coming in on leave and we are going to take out the old canoe. We are going to put in at Greer and try to make it to 142 on a good two day float, is this doable? From all I have read, it looks as if the biggest part to worry about is the tree 2 miles down river from turners mill. Any others i should know about? we are going to be going after trout and smallies on spinning setups. I figure for smallies i'll take my normal summer current river box, but as for trout, spoons, rooster tails, or micro cranks? any advice would be awesome!

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well trip fell through sadly, may take the wife and go greer to riverton

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