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July 2 Report From The Upper End


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Had a guest fishing with me this morning. He showed up on time (5:00) and we left the marina headed down lake. He specifically asked to see and fish near Big M and on down. I figured Bill would forgive me if I didn't go too far past Viney, so we went.

We fished on top for about an hour, maybe a little more. 4 or 5 fish, but a 13 inch brownie was the best.We fished the mouth of Rock Creek carefully with a harness but only found bass. I showed him a classic pea gravel run out and bay just past Viney and he caught a keeper spot. I picked up another near keeper brownie, and stuck an 18.5 inch walleye on a slow death rig. We ran back to HI and were off the water by 11:30.

I had a great time. Thanks Hans.

Surface temp between 85 and 86. Fish in the 22 to 28 foot range. The boat traffic was present but not oppressive.

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Nice report and you are forgiven.

Fished today out of Baxter, and really had a very nice morning. On the water with John, Andrew and John's girl friend at 0530. First stop was goat island and we had 4 topwater fish there to the boat on a yellow magic. John also lost a nice Brown Bass same location.

Tried two other topwater locations, just kind of crusing and testing looking for a White River, White Bass Blow Up and nothing. They really seem to have gone down.

Got luck on the next location, in Big Indian Creek, and caught 28 with 4, 15" K's. Mostly on Crawlers, Spoons and again the yellow magic when they would break. All these fish were in 80 to 100 feet of water suspended chasing shad on top. If you would just ease very slowly around with the trolling motor, the crawler fishermen would hook up. Never had a triple, but did have 2 doubles. Most fish suspended at 22-30 over depth. When they would break, I could hook them on the spoon, They chased till about 0900.

Went on up the white and when I rounded the point at 18, I hit the wake boats. Still I ventured on up about 1/2 way to Campbell Pt. and tried a long gravel ridge. Saw nothing on the graph, but John's gal pal, bowed up on a 19 inch eye. One more short bass and that was our morning, off at 10AM.

It was really starting to get crowded in the Baxter to CP area by then and it was for sure time to hit the showers.

Good Luck

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