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Big M Area 7/2


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Pulled away from the dock about 0500, went down lake a few miles to an area that has several long runouts, fished a Zoom Ol' Monster on the points hoping for big fish, got some fish, but nothing over 15". Good shallow bite right away, they were up on the points chasing shad, but that lasted for maybe 30 minutes. Did some deep fishing with a Punkin Ed Shakey head with a big worm, got a couple of thumps but missed them. Ended up catching a few more spots off points with an FB jig. Caught 11 bass total, but no big ones. Off the water at 1030.

Passed by the Devils Backbone, several boats there, looked like walleye guys. Not a whole lot of bass boats out, but the skiers and other riffraff were on the water, not too bad, but enough to be annoying. Had a pair of jet skis go by me at 0600, adios peace and quiet.

Saw a couple of juvinile eagles hanging out in a dead tree off one point. My guess is they hatched this spring and are now starting to fly.

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You must have passed me - for the future: Black and Silver Alumacraft deep V with an Evinrude 75.

As far as the fishing, what you found is what we found.

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I probably whizzed by you - I'll keep my eyes peeled next time, but don't know if I'll be on TR much more this summer unless we get a cool down.

I've got a silver and black Phoenix with a 200 HP Merc.

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