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Roaring River A Little Report, Ants, Beetles And Hoppers

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We received a nice 1" rain on saturday, didn't do much, the river came up and then dropped almost as

quickly, it murked up and the fishing was great all evening, the beetles and ants were everywhere, the

rain must have washed thousands into the river, lots of fish were being caught on that nasty MK

leech patten and woolybuggers, and there were blue wing olives, everywhere last evening and lots

of midge activity, and still plenty of caddis around, the nymph fishing was good also, copper johns, flash

back pheasant tails, small zebra midges and burlaps were all working last night, with the murky water

6X tippet was fine fishing anything under the surface, still using 7X when fishing dries.

Been really good beetle, hopper, and ant fishing this year, you can really do well on these in the heat

of the afternoon, tricos are still around, but haven't been hatching real heavy the past few weeks, small

egg patterns and chaomis or san juan worms are working very well everyday, if you are a sight fisherman,

then the water is perfect for your kind of fishing.

Small jigs under corks are doing well, for the fly fisherman or the spin fisherman, jig fishing in general has

been very good, the 1/100th-1/32 are the sizes we are using the most.

Zone 3 is very shallow right now, but there are still a few deeper holes, and if you don't mind ticks,

chiggers, snakes and man eating tree frogs, they are the worst right now :)

But if you are fishing in zone 3, use power bait and night crawlers are good right now, hard to beat

good ole canned corn.

Good luck on the river.

Tim Homesley

23387 st. hwy 112

Cassville, Mo 65625

Roaring River State park

Tim's Fly Shop


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