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Night Tournament Out Of Shell Knob


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I was fishing off of my folks' dock Saturday evening and had several boats come in. I talked to a few of them and they said they were fishing a night tournament out of Shell Knob. I looked online but couldn't find any information. Anyone know of a website or a point of contact for the tournament?

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i know the saturday night thing is just kind of a show up and go fishing thing fee is 25 dollars start at 7pm weigh in at 1am it pretty fun it averages about fifteen boats although there has been several night this year there was twenty or more which is a step up from last year only about ten on average. i like to go when i can, win lose or draw its only 25 bucks and i live close so its affordable way to kill a sat nite come on out everybody is really friendly anyone is welcome oh and there is no dues or fees to fish and also no fish off at the year end. but dues and fees are involved with the wed. nighter and it does have a year end fish off both launch out of the sk bridge free ramp. wed nite is 7 to 11 i believe but not 100% about that with what was 35 dollar entry but its been a whiole since i fished that whole deal

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no i just know his name it took me a month to learn that but its more of a combined effort he just owns the scales the name is gary . not much help but its what i know

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