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Unbelievable Parents

Col Ron

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After reading about the death on Bull Shoals Lake, I was shocked at what I saw today on the White RIver, Baxter Cty side, at the boat ramp by the dam. A father, I presume, unloaded a plastic tub-is the best way I can describe it- had three molded plastic seats in it. About the size of a kitchen table.

I was fishing with friends down stream about 100 yards from the ramp. Three kids, about 12 to 14 years old, wearing no life preservers, got in the plastic tub manned with three small wooden oars. No water was generating. As the three young kids drifted by us, I asked them if they had life preservers? The answer was no, with a smirk and mind your own business. They threw out an anchor about 30 yards down stream of us and started to fish with worms and live bait. My friend asked, what are you fishing with? They responded, worms and eggs. They were advised it was illegal, and reloaded their hooks with worms and continued fishing. Within an hour the water was suppose to go up to 2 or 3 generators. Fortunately, I had the Conservation Police phone number on my phone and quickly called them. An officer arrived as fast as he could from Mountain Home. He was able to get them out of there before they turned the water on, fortunately.

How ignorant can these parents be? Signs all over, no bait, power bait, etc. And especially putting these three young kids in harms way with no preservers.

Here's my sign, "Stupid".

I don't blame the kids, I sure hope the parents get a hefty fine to dent their thick skull.


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Still beats sitting at home playing Xbox, I hope they were able to catch a few before they were arrested.

That is an interesting twist. Related to them?

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Compare this to the earlier thread about White River safety issues. We want people to be personally responsible, we just want a fighting chance when fishing in the shadow of the dam.

It never ceases to amaze me at how ignorant of the dangers of the White River so many people that chose to fish here are. Those kids really were in danger. Good job helping them. I would definitely try to educate my customers if I was renting boats.

It is also frustrating how many people claim ignorance of conservation laws, but will not change their behavior when the laws are explained to them. This includes the litter laws.

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