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Froggin On Table Rock


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Never really thought of using a frog on TR or any of the White river lakes for that matter. But may have to try it next spring after seeing this video. There is some advertising in this, but the guy is fishing TR and catching bass.


That looks to be killer when the water is way up in the trees and bushes. Last year and in '08 (I think that was the other year with super high water levels) would be the ideal time to throw that frog it seems. I thought about getting some money hounds and trying those out during high water but will have to wait til the floods come back, if ever. Thanks for sharing....my wallet....not so much. :beaten:

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Saw that yesterday and was semi shocked. Not sure a fluke or similar would not have worked as well. He was not exactly catching sea monsters.

There should be lots of things to try in the next few years with all of these largemouth we have.

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Those Money Hounds work. I caught several fish on top of grass mats and lily pads. Just like a weedless spook.

Ya I have been wanting to pick up some just to have if the water gets that high again. I threw a buzzbait last year in all those flooded trees and did alright but I think that money hound would be even better cause you could work it slower and keep it next to the cover longer. Frogs are pretty pricy considering they are just soft plastic/rubber really. $10-15 bucks? Come on. The money hounds are 4 for $7 plus hooks so I can handle that.

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actually abkeenan you can find the strike king kvd sexy frog at your local wal mart if nowhere else and it takes some tweaking but its a pretty good little frog almost identical to the spro and its only like six bucks believe me them frogs will take a beating too i have caught countless fish on the one that i bought and it still keeps on going the legs just wont fall off, well worth the money

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When these lakes get really low (right now), I look for creeks loaded with standing timber..

Especially those with wads of cedar that are too thick to fish a standard topwater.

I take a zoom horny toad (white) and start fan casting the timber thats nasty looking.

If theres fishing line all wadded up and old lures hanging off them limbs, even better.

These are places that likely hold fish but most folks get hung up and leave.

The trick is to follow the shad all the way to the back of these coves.

I like to move the boat by pulling on the timber and shoving the boat along.

This allows a stealthy approach without running the trolling motor too much.

You can add a stinger hook by clipping off 2 of the 3 hooks on a treble, leaving one hook that sits upright.

Just place a rubber collar over the hook eye and slide onto the toad hook.

Also, add a lake fork tackle frog tail hook to your hollow frogs.

Your hookup ratio will double or triple.

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