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Mid-Lake Wed Oct 11


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Started around Baxter about 0615 in the dark and wind and spitting rain. About 10th cast boated the largest LM I have caught all year at #5.8, on black spinnerbait (what else). No pic of it as it was dark and windy and spitting rain and I did not want to mess with camera, should have thrown it in the live well for a pic later.

Anyway as it got light I caught a nice KY on spinnerbait, then the SM fell for a redfin, some more shorts and a final keeper KY. About 1045 I realized I had not seen a fish for an hour in the shallow stuff so went to try some drop shot spots. I found some fish in an area I had checked several times previous but never did any good. Over the next 2.5 hours I caught 8 more drop-shot KYs including a couple piggies. Ended up with 18 fish and 7 keepers, 6 of which kept me company in the boat till I had enough for a nice group picture, then released.

I'll take this bunch of fish anyday, it was nicest size KY's I had met all summer/fall. Have had too many days recently w/20-30 fish and maybe one squaker who I figure must have been the babysitter cause the rest were 8-12" adolescent-types.

Drop-shot fish were n bottom in 34-40 feet of water. I have been fishing a shakey head jig on the end of the line instead of a drop-shot weight, then fishng another hook above it on a double rig. Every one of the DS fish picked up the jig off the bottom, never boated a fish from the suspended hook.

Am trying it again this AM and am curious what effect if any the cooler weather might have had.



"A True Fisherman with a Rod in His hand, and a Tug on the Line, would not Trade His Position for the Throne of Any King"

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I'm going to try that shaky head on the bottom. You trickster.

You know for a while we were putting a jig on the bottom, but they just quit eating it, so we went back to the weight. I guess anything with a hook in it will increase your chances. It's fun to think of something new and have it work.

Good Job.

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