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Im not asking for you super secret spot but I am new to the lake and am looking for spots to preferably bass fish but im not that picky. I have a bass tracker with a 60hp so I can go most places. Just looking for simple stuff like where to put in? Then what coves? Areas? Spots? Any information would be greatly apreaciated.

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Stockton is fishing pretty tough right now. I didn't fish super hard, but 6am-1pm sat, and then sat eve, and about 9am until 2pm on sunday. I caught 5 bass and 2 drum total in that time. 1 Bass came on a football jig and the rest all on a carolina rig.

Go buy one of the Stockton lake maps and if you have a smart phone, get the navionics lake map if you don't have a fancy map/graph. Tapering points with a channel nearby was as much of a pattern as i could find. I think if you can find some brush piles in the right depth and areas you might catch a few there. The jig fish was fairly deep on the channel side of a point, the rest were surprisingly shallow.. 5-15 feet...

I usually put in at Mutton creek and fish the Sac arm. If you fish the little Sac side, i'd suggest one of the areas on that side, as it saves a pretty long run. South wind on Saturday made the lake pretty brutal... Sunday was nice.

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