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Bottom "whoppon" Big Time For Me Today

Bill Babler

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It got way to hard for me and mine this morning. Launched at 5:45 and was more than treated to a magnificent sunrise.


Rounded the corner at Red Barn and was greeted with two wake boats towing boggy boards before 6 AM. Guess that about means its time to head for Alaska.

I for the life of me cound get them to do nothing this morning. Dropshot, jig, Swimbait, nothing and I mean nothing was of interest.

6 total fish with nary a fish even close to being a keeper. All on a dropshot. Crawlers were not an option this morning.

Fish I did catch were suspended 24 over 40 and had 3 others off a deep dock corner. Did not see a 1/2 dozen fish surface or any kind of movement on such a nice cloudy morning.

I'll see if I can do better on the same water tomorrow,but am starting to feel the prussure. Water temps early were at 84.7 and stayed the same thru 10 AM.

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Great sunrise Bill!!!

I had to steal the picture for my screen saver. I'm glad someone else is struggling besides me. I had relataives from the North country down on Friday and Saturday and had to dropshot crawlers to get bit. The only quality fish we caught had whiskers.

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We all feel your pain. I spent three half days early this week trying to put long time friends on walleye. We caught five legal fish in three days.

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great report Bill. It makes the little man realize that not everyone catches them all the time. That is just fishing. A lot can be learned on bad days, and everyone has them. Thanks for being upfront and honest.

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On some of the locations I fished the bottom was litterly covered with shad. I could not see a hook or a fish in any of or near any of the schools of shad. The only ones I caught were stragglers that we saw suspended.

Buster had a good day with 17 fish and 6 keepers. Some of his were suspended at 26' over 100 to 175 ft. and he did catch 3 keepers dragging a football jig in the dam area, on flat gravel, on up in the morning at the same 26' mark. He said the water was super calm and he saw nothing or did not see shad at all.

The average fisherman or even the above guy will not catch those suspenders he is catching, unless you are used to just shutting down in the middle of the lake and watching your graph till a hook appears. He said he could see some doubles and triples, but you just had to know what you were doing and not be afraid to do it.

That is as mean a deal as there is on this pond.

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Guess the wife and I had a good day, this morning, considering.....

Got 8 to the boat, with 3 keeps.

Fished a main channel pocket on the Kings near Green Shores from 6:30 til 10:00. Two of the keepers were Kentuckys and the third seen below.


As you can see, we were using green pumpkin Senkos, wacky rigged. ...I know... go figure. All keepers caught in same spot casting right at the shore line from 35 FOW. You'd a thought it was spring, eh? Early cloud cover kept them up close, I guess....

Now, Bill... I'm not suggesting that you have your clients wacky-rig Senkos when it's this hot, .....but then, if the other stuff isn't working..... ? naaa, bad idea.....


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It sucked big time Sunday. I had talked to Bill around 8:30 and they had 3 and that was it so far. I hadnt even got bit yet! I told Bill I wasnt coming back in until I caught at least 1. Ran back to an area that I had caught 15 on Saturday. Still nothing, boats getting worse sun getting hotter. I was fishing from Cow to point 1. Around 11 I pulled up to a busy resort area and started dragging my tube. It saved the day as I took a 4 pound smallie, 1 squeeker keeper smallie and a short smallie off of it. Dragging the tube with the boat in 30 and working it real slow back. I called it quits after that. Top is almost a no go. I threw a few spooks on some chasers and they just laughed at me. I did throw a spoon at 1 chaser and he hit it. Only had him on a couple of cranks though. Sometimes it sucks, thats fishing.

Dennis Boothe

Joplin Mo.

For a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing

in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle."

~ Winston Churchill ~

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