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More Trash Than Fish


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Shelvin to Hootentown...To start with I pulled more trash out of the river than fish. A picture of just part of the trash, funny I didnt find any soda cans. My fishing report... Everyone knows the river is down. I use the Boaz gauge, 2.1. I always take 2 poles but this time I kept a topwater lure on all the way down because most of the time I had no place to cast, if I didnt have it on. It was the most productive. Funny how big fish can lay in the shallowest of water. I didnt catch as many as I usually do, but did catch an assorment of bass, goggle-eye, and sunfish. And I'm sure this has happened to most of you but, on 2 of the bass as soon as the lure hit the water the bass hit it. It was like they watched the lure flying through the air and was waiting for it. Of course it could have been I just happened to casted it right on top of them...Realsed them all and had the camera ready for quick pic, out and back in.







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Thanks for the report. Was thinking of going this weekend, but it seems really low. Did you drag a lot? Also, what kind of rod/reel set up are you using with those topwaters?

"Thanks to Mother Mercy, Thanks to Brother Wine, Another night is over and we're walking down the line" - David Mallett

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Jack, I try to keep it simple and basic. I fish with an Ugly Stick, light action ( I enjoy pulling in a bass in the current on a light action rod) and 5 ft long ( I fish out of my kayak and a 5 foot rod does not extend beyond end of the kayak). My reel is a Zebco Delta. It can be dunked under the water with cast perfect on the next cast; I dont need a bird nest or back lash going down the river. I have changed my line to 8lb and I'm losing fewer lures now. I like to waste my $$ instead on lures. The last one I bought was a Siglett. I dont want to say how much it cost, but its a pretty little thing. And yes I dragged more than I normal do. I dont think I will float this section until it goes up on the Boaz gauge.



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