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Howdy From Truman Lake!

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Just found this forum and hope to share and learn from it. I've lived most of my life near Truman and grew up with a fishing pole in my hand. I can remember the lake before they closed the gates on the dam and let it fill up,I was about 5 at the time. I fish mostly for crappie but chase bass as well. Occassionally I fish for carp or channel cat. See ya on the water!

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Let me be the first to welcome you! Hope to hear some fishing reports from Truman it's been real quite lately, I haven't been in a couple weeks just to dang HOT! The weather guesser is saying that it might cool down to 95 or so toward the end of the week I may give it a shot. I fish mostly for crappie and like to chase after the white bass and hybrids when they show up. I fish up around Bucksaw mostly for crappie and the others where ever.


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