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Big M 8/17


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Launched at dawn, ran into OA member Inshore and his buddy, nice to meet you!

We ran up to our number 1 favorite long point, fished it hard for about an hour and caught only one K there. We pulled up and motored in the direction of Eagle Rock, near which is a series of 3 gravel points, we fished those points and found one small area about 25 feet deep where we caught in the vicinity of 20 K's, one decent LM, and 3short walleye, mostly on spoons. Once that bite slowed down, we motored back up lake and fished several spots and caught a few more fish, but couldn't find another hot spot. Most of the fish we caught later in the AM at the other spots came on drop shotted plastics.

Ended up with a little over 30, mostly 12-14" K's, with a couple of keepers. Water temp is 82, down from last weeks 85. Quite a few bass fishers out there today.


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Last wednesday night between Big M and Eagle Rock, a few spots I fished looked like it was raining from all the shad "flipping" around. Did not see a whole lot of fish feeding on them.

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