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Lost Fly Rod On Taney

Jason R.

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I almost hate to admit this... Anyway. Got knocked out of the boat by a sneaky tree limb. Lost my cell phone and my custom TFO BVK all in one move. Lucky I was unhurt. Thank God for that. Anyway. If anyone sees a BVK with a silver Sage 4200 in the water... It was once mine. Lost it up by that bluff under the shoals. Ps we did not hurt your boat Phil. Thanks and be careful out there.

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Jason - you might PM Phil to bring this to his attention. He is up there on a day to day basis.

Good luck - Brian

EDIT - just read this in the thread - State Record Rainbow (this is Phil writing this) :


Posted Yesterday, 09:35 AM

She's safe from me... going to KC for a couple of days to see the grandkids, then have to really bare down and pack for Alaska. I leave a week from today- be gone a month.

Someone else and luck into her. Hopefully it'll be in October when I get back... I'd like to be around for that.


Just once I wish a trout would wink at me!


I'm the guy wearing the same Simms longbilled hat for 10 years now.

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Bump. Just a reminder if you are out on Taney at any point- This rod was lost upstream of the big bunch of power lines above Fall Creek, directly under the single power line which is just downstream from a big huge house with white rock/riprap. It was on the channel side right by the tree sticking out there that is kind of cut off and looks fairly green. The reel is bright silver colored and the reel seat is glossy green so it should stick out. Just please keep an eye open for it- I feel like I lost a child or something. Thanks.

Looks like this:IMG_20120428_150639.jpg

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  • Root Admin

I've looked through there quite a few times and haven't seen anything yet. Lots of moss on the bottom unfortunately - could be covering up the reel.

Hopefully it'll show up.

Lilleys Landing logo 150.jpg

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