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Fishing Report Around 13 And Mill Creek.

justin scobee

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We got there about 11pm friday. set up camp and was done with that by 1am and started to fish about 130 till 230am in the port of 13 around the docks. In the time i fished I had 4 smalls and one keeper that was little over 3lb. But i broke about 6in of my rod trying to flip her in the boat. That ruin my night for me. I was not happy. sat I hit it at 7am Till 5 am sunday. Fished over by the brige to the hotel and bar but nothing. I did get a 6 or 7lb to the boat saturday but i was by my self and I got the net to dip him and he spet my worm out right beside the boat. I looked at my worm and she did not even bust the hook out of the worm. pick up my wifes cousin at 1230 and we fished up in the cove by the hotel and bar. and hit a few points. all and all we had about 40 shorts and 3 keepers. Most picked up alot around the docks at the port. We would pick two up on every side of the dock and would turn around and hit all them again and pick more up. over all I had a good time other then braking my rod and my trolling motor broke. I was very happy to get back home.

PS that darn tow boat bout sunk me and my boat. We was still in the NO wake zone there at the port and he cut right in front of me and sent 4 BIG swalls at us. the first one set to boat up and then down and water just poored in over the bow. the sec one hit us and same thing I did not thing the boat could take the next one so I guned it to wide open in the no wake zone. By the time i could get the bilge pump on we had water up to my shins. There was atleast 8 to 9in of water in the floor of the boat. Saturday was a ruff day on the water. My old charger took a beating. I finly could not fish the main lake any more and had to go for cover up in coves. I have fish Table rock my hole life with my father have fished the same areas my whole life and I have never seen it that ruff. may be thats cause my father all was had a 21ft long boat with a 225 and I have a 19ft with a 115. I could not even run 1/4 throtle with out getting my teeth jared out of my head.. Most of are fish was on big worms and a few on jigs. threw a spoon, buzz bait and spinner bait with notthing. Thanks justin

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I feel your pain about the wakes. The general public will retire from the lake soon and we who fish can relax until May next year.

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