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Need to move these lures. I also have these on Tackletour. Contact me on here or by phone 4176318975 -MJ Can meet up in the Springfield area.

Everything added up will cost you over $200. Some are out of package but never seen water.

$90 for all lures below or mix and match what you'd like.

Shad Rap - $3

Koppers Bluegill -$8

2 used Norman Little N - $5

Evolve Vibra grub - $5

Spook - $4

Triggerfish - $8

Used OSP Bent Minnow - $12

Kelly J - $10

2 Square Bills - $8

OSP Yamato - $18

Yellow magic 1/2oz - $10

Jackall Cherry 0 - Sold

Jackall Aska - Sold


Terminal tackle - $15

1pack 1/16oz Fish Arrow Wheel head

2pack 1/16oz Owner Ultra Finesse head

1pack 1/8oz Owner Ultra Finesse head

8 1/4oz VMC Barbarian half moon jigheads

Jigs (mostly swimjigs) -$20

Jewel swim-it 3/8oz

Northstar swimjig 3/8

Dirty jigs swimjig 3/8

Dirty jigs California swimjig 1/2oz

3 Dirty jigs finesse swimjigs 1/4oz


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That's a very nice offer. Good stuff at a very fair price. BUT, I've got soooo much more than I can use already.

Every Saint has a past, every Sinner has a future. On Instagram @hamneedstofish

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Alright lure lot minus the Jackalls in the picture for $50 picked up around Springfield area. Jigs and terminal combined for $20 picked up.

Also have some soft plastics to rid of - $15 picked up.

2 pack of senkos baby bass color, one bag new, one bag has 8.

1 pack of yamamoto d-shad in charteruese back

1 pack of super fluke Jr in bait fish color

1 pack of gambler ez swimmer in Florida five-0 color, missing one.

1 pack of RI skinny dipper in dirty sanchez.

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