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Gun Raffle To Benefit Education Projects At The Dora School

Justin Spencer

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My wife Amy is a member of the Dora R III school foundation which raises money to help with expenses at our children's school. The foundation is currently selling tickets for a gun raffle to be held I believe before the first of the year. The maximum number of tickets to be sold is 500 with a total of 32 guns and 8 gun safes to be raffled off. Each ticket will be eligible for two wins and are good for all drawings.

Tickets are available for a $100 donation to the foundation and all proceeds will go directly to education projects at the Dora K-12 school. These funds make a huge difference in our childs education in a district that is always strapped for funds, not to mention you have a pretty good chance at winning some good guns.

To make it easy on you if you want a ticket you can either send a check or call us with a credit card number and we will send you the ticket stub in the mail. Last I heard they had sold enough tickets to break even so they are planning on drawing toward the end of October (may be subject to change if sales are still going well). My guess is they won't sell the full 500 so odds of winning should even be better.

Give me or Amy a call at Sunburst with any questions, or PM me. 417-284-3443.

Thanks for your help.

Guns being raffled in addition to 8 Liberty Fat Boy Jr. Gun safes.

CZ mallard O/U 20 ga. Savage 12 varmit .223 Mossberg 835 Turkey tactical 12 ga. Ruger Blackhawk .357

Ruger Hawkeye .270 Taurus Judge Rem. 1187 Super Mag 12 ga Browning X-Bolt stalker 300

Savage 111 Trophy XP pro 30.06 Henry Big Boy .44 Ruger Mini 14 Savage 111 Trophy XP pro .243

Kimber SS II .45 Weatherby Vanguard .308 Kimber custom II .45 Glock gen, 4 .40 s&W

Springfield XD .40 Walther PPQ 9mm Glock gen. 4 .40 s&W Kimber Custom II .45

Glock 19 Gen 4 9mm Howa Ranchhand 22-250 Rem 700 CDL 25.06 Bushmaster AR 15 .223

Ruger Hawkeye .308 Howa Ranchhand .308 Savage 111 Trophy XP pkg. .270 S&W M&P 15 .223

CZ redhead O/U 12 ga. Ruger #1 .204 Glock 26 gen 4 9mm Rem. 700 tactical .308

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