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Homer Sloan Derby This Weekend Out Of Shell Knob

Bill Babler

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Saturday the 6th. of October is the date for the annual Shell Knob Fishing Derby, the "Homer Sloan."

This is a benifit for the Shell Knob Chamber and it draws very nicely. It is a great event. Starting time is 7:30 and you can resgister at the ramp. They have a start from the Viola Ramp up the Kings River and also a start at Campbell Point Marina. Weigh In at 3:30 is at Campbell point for both starting locations.

Top Prize is $750.00 for 1st. Place team--$1,000.00 for big bass and the event includes a steak dinner at the conclusion of the tournament along with about a zillion draw prizes. You have to be really unlucky to not walk away with something.

It is great fun with some of the areas best sticks fishing. It is a total laugh out and blast to fish.

This buddy event is $120.00 per team and $20.00 per team for the big bass pot.

Come on over to the Knob and fish with us this weekend and you will be more than welcome and just have a wonderful time.

Y'all Come

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That can be a big problem if your not local. Most of these long running events usually have a certain day or week each year and Homer Sloan is always the 1st. Sat. in October. We will try and keep you as current as possible.

Good Luck

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What a total Brutal day for Beck and I. I believe they had 60+ teams in the event. I cannot remember a harder day on the Rock. We had heard rumors of A-Rig bite and started out with that. Caught a couple right off the bat, but short. Tried just about everything I could think of and we would catch one here and one there, with not a single keeper until after 1 Pm, and it was a squeeker K. Total of 11 fish for the day.

Sleet and Ice rained down on us and by 3:30 we were toast. Just could not get the bite going.

1st. Place were the Dotson Boys and from what we hear, they ran from Shell Knob to Cricket Creek and spoon fed their fish. That is about a 100 mile round trip run from Campbell Point. 2nd. place was 13 pounds and it when down from there.

Just really hard.

Always fun to fish with Bill, but yesterday was more work than fun and for us it was mind games. OUr fortea" is deep fish and ours would not bite. If we had it to do over, we think we might have spooned deep pockets, but that is neither here nor there.

Great event for the Chamber, but a hard day on the water

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Fished from the very back of Cow Creek to the back of Indian Point, and all points in between. Tried everything from squarebill to dropshot.

Mustard up 4 very short fish

2 on sqaurebill and 2 on dropshot.

Had a hard time locating the bait yesterday and when I did was unable to get bit.

Miss Table Rock was just plain being mean yesterday, sounds like she didn't care to who either.

better luck next time

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