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Cool fly fishing PC game

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I played the demo but will probably purchase it. It is actually pretty realistic (I think anyway)

The demo will let you catch one fish and then makes you start over. The demo does not give you all of the rivers.

The response/control of the rod with the mouse is very cool.

It lets you select fly, tippet, weight, drag, etc.

Some have probably already seen this but I thought I should post it.


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Ive seen this game before and played the demo, but i was too stingy to pay $25 for this thing. I tried to cheat the demo by fishing behind the RESTART screen: you can still cast and fish behind it, along with select flies, tippet, ... Just remeber not to click DONE to exit out of the flybox window or any other window. But, even if you do catch your 2# fish and another fish, it will not let you advance. I have played demos similar to this before, that forgot to not let you advance, and i unlocked the entire game without purchasing the full version. Still, a good game, and I liked it. The best fly-fishing game that I have played as of yet.


WARNING!! Comments to be interpreted at own risk.

Time spent fishing is never wasted.

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I also found a game from Fly Logic called Fly Fishing the Green River which has very realistic scenery. I haven't been able to download a demo for it though. That one might require an actual purchase of the media. I am going to purchase one of these after I research a bit more. I don't mind paying for the software, especially for something cool...

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