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Why no spawning in Bennett Spring?

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I can't comment on all the streambed, but from what I saw, Wayne is right... Not a good spawning streambed and not enough mature fish...

That and too many fishermen in the way...



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August is a bit early to spot spawning beds, but park fish go through the motions even though the results are rarely successful. Look for spawning fish in fast gravel bottom runs mid-September through February. Some of the shallow runs in Zone III would be a good place to look. Cheers.

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I took my first trout fishing trip ever at Bennett Spring in August and have been wondering ever since why the trout there (and the other parks) don't spawn. Is it due to water temps, bottom quality, or something else altogether?

Don't know about the other responses I was always told that the temperature never gets quite cold enough for the spawn to naturally occur.

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Charley I'm not a biologist, but the hatcheries use the spring water for their operation. I do know that Bows require clean gravel to spawn, and the parks don't have clean gravel, nor does Taney.

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