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Fly fishing novels


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No Angler's library should be without books by Harry Middleton. Google him and you will see several.

One particular is "The Earth is Enough" Start that and you won't put it down. You might end up like me looking for the real Starlight Creek. You can find his books on Amazon.com and for just a few bucks.


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Travers Corners, Return to Travers Corners and Travers Corners the Final Chapter.

Seinfeld for fly fishermen. Small town friends, live, love and fish together.

"Many go fishing all their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after." Henry David Thoreau

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Anyone have a list of some really good fiction fly fishing novels? I picked up a short stories book the other day at Hastings, but it is along the lines of Euorpean settings.

Anything by Robert Traver and Harry Middleton will be worth the price. But don't neglect John Gierach, Ernie Sweibert, Art Lee, Charles Brooks, A. J. McClane, Harry Darbee or any of the great Pennsyvania chalk-stream specialists.

Hemingways' "Great Two-Hearted River' may be considered as seminal to flyfishing fiction and shouldn't be skipped either.

The body of (non-fiction) literature concerning the sport is superior to any other liesure activity and if you will search you will never run out of interesting reading. Tom



are two that will get you started.

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Fun mysteries at Loon Lake.

William Tapply's Brady Coyne mysteries. Brady is an attorney who doesn't fish much. He's more like you and me and just thinks about it every chance he gets.

"Many go fishing all their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after." Henry David Thoreau

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I really enjoy the writing of John Gierach don't think that it falls under fiction but his approach to things makes be believe we could be fishing buddies.

And as far as a good reading magazine would half to be "Grays Sporting Journal". I hope I never miss another fly fishing edition

Jon Joy


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Very interesting lists, though as mentioned above there is lots of writing here, very very fine writing, which wouldn't be classed as novels or fiction.

But some great reads here of which fly fishing is central like Gierach Lyons and McGuane.

Of the novels, I spent some in the company of Joe Heywood, good guy, and I have every so often thought i would like to read his books.

You have inspired me to track them down



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Even though they are not strictly fly fishing novels - my wife and I both really like the William G Tappley mystery series novels. They feature a fly fishing lawyer (Brady Coyne) that is always getting in some sort of trouble. First and foremost they are mystery type novels. But there is definitely some fly fishing thrown in here and there. Some of the most entertaining books I have read.


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