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Trip Report 10-28


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Headed to the Little Red with my brother on Saturday. We had intended to float from Lobo Landing down to Dripping Springs, but water was extremely muddy from rain the previous 2 days. Had to go all the way to JFK park to find clear water. Did OK despite having limited knowledge of that area of the river and the large crowd. We fished mainly from JFK park down to Beech Island. We caught 12-15, mostly on #16 grey & tan sowbugs & few on 1/32 black jigs. My brother did have one decent brown and he lost another one that was probably bigger. He also lost a rainbow that was pushing 19" -21" that got him wrapped up in a moss bed. Key to catching fish was finding a little depth with current and decent size openings in the moss. Not a bad day to say the least, & I even managed to catch some fish on a fly rod. :D

Did see one pair of spawning browns, but I would say that most are still staging in the deeper water below the shoals. The male that we saw was a real pig though.

I did have a tire blow out on my boat trailer on the way home, but I guess it was time for that to happen to me. :(

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