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Weekend Report


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Well, fished mornings and tried for turkey in the afternoon this past weekend. No luck yet with the hunting. Not devoting enough time to it. So, on with the fishing:

Fished mostly with glo-balls and light pink and/or peach seemed to be the color of choice. Did have some lusk on small Rapalas, and did think the trout outside the park were a little bigger since the new regs. The bite seemed very light all weekend. The big ones never seem to hit hard and every day I had a 5lbs+ fish on for a split second. Could never get a good hook set. Fished in the park the today and had a brown the size of my arm take a white jig and clear the water before spitting it back at me.

With bite so light, site fishing was a must. With the water so low you almost had to cast from behind the fish. I would throw a jig or glo-ball upstream and vary retrieves from aggressive jerks to a natural drift to get attention and, ultimately, hookups. Don't think I felt a bite once today, but probably caught over a dozen fish.

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