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Camping tonight

East Tide

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Hi there. I just found this website today while searching for camping areas around the Current River. I usually fish the Suicide and Cardiac at the Meramec because of how close it is to St Louis, I've only fished the Current once. I'm heading down with my girlfriend and another couple tonight to fish tomorrow. I camped at Montauk and fished from Baptist downstream about a mile and was wondering if anyone has fished around the Parkers Ford campsite?? We like more primitive camping but I had been planning on trying the water below Tan Vat?

It's tought to leave St Louis since they are stocking the lakes in Forest Park this week :P

Anyways, This site is great!!! I'll post some reports soon! My girlfriend has yet to catch a trout on the fly rod so hopefully this will be the weekend, she's caught EVERYTHING but!! SHe has a new wand though so we'll see!!!


East Tide

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couple notes from the trip...

got down there late and discovered the campsite, it was an epic journey in my old non-quattro audi, but we made it and met some other guys from stl that had a nice setup next to the river and a huge fire. they kept mentioning nearby places you could setup "if you had a 4x4." next time i'm going to get there in daylight and clean up a site. you may never see me again.

we headed back up to camp in the park. we were able to chose ANY non-electric site we wanted. a little leg of lamb roasted over the fire, the girls had some vino and i had some rum and beer, girls made me smores, then it started raining. we woke up pretty dry but our friend with the msr ultralight tent and her dog woke up soaked.

i had done pretty well getting the two 30 something chicks into the woods with me but motivating them in the morning was tough, especially because it was so raw. the fish were rising behind our site. i only made a couple illegal casts before my conscience-sp? took over. the girls new 8.5 5wt winston joan wulff favorite cast like a dream.

we headed out of the park and found some decent water, that was already being fished...30 mins later i had a nice 14" rainbow on a sow bug.... the girl lost feeling in her feet and hands and went back to hang by the fire with her friend. girless i spent the next 3 hrs, fishless as well... i did find a bunch of nice water from the park to just below tat van and a big dead doe up on the shore... i saw some nice fish... i'm learning. still no trout for the girl though.

more later

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