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Fishing Report

Phil Lilley

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We had guests report catching "alot" of rainbows in the channel at Short Creek today. They rented one of our pontoons- anchored close to the bluff bank and use one white and one pink power egg on a #8 hook.

Rolan reports he did well using his 'peppy' scud today on the flats above Fall Creek, below Lookout. He did alot better in the afternoon after the wind started and created a chop on the water. He fishes it on the bottom, fishing off the channel on the flat.

There you go...

Lilleys Landing logo 150.jpg

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Had the same results in the same areas week before. also fishing just off the current behind the island at lookout was good. <_< Anchoring in the still water and throwing toward the condo bank about 10 feet out from the boat. Just a very light twitch occasionaly fishing gray scuds, bead head zebra midge, hares ear or 1/100 pink jig. Dead floating egg fly <_< orange, multicolored or chartruse all with a red dot also worked well. :D

Getting hits most drifts.

Thom Harvengt

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